Our service

We design and develop solutions that solve users’ problems.

Product design

All our projects are design-led, starting with post-its and sketching, ending with design implemented as code in the app.

Our products solve a problem, are easy to use, and look stunning while doing it. When a brand doesn’t exist for the product yet, we help establish the brand.

Our web apps are responsive by default, which means we design them to look great and function easily on mobile devices, tablets, and desktop screens. Unlike most teams, our designers can also code for native iOS and Android platforms. We’re up to date on Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines and Google’s Material Design.

Every one of our designers implements their web UIs in the browser. This ensures that the original intent for the design is carried out from concept to completion. Our open source Sass tools are also some of the most well used and respected in the industry.

Web development

Many development practices we follow were first described in “Extreme Programming Explained”, published more than 15 years ago. Using XP practices improves the quality of our work and happiness of our team.

Teams using the Django can bring secure, stable products to market quickly with a lower total cost of ownership than other tools. The framework is “batteries included.” The surrounding community has been active and enthusiastic for more than 10 years.

In addition to, or as an alternative to, Django / Python we use other high quality programming languages and frameworks: Golang, Elixir/Phoenix, Ruby on Rails, React

Mobile development

“Mobile” refers to the user, not the device. We design and develop mobile software with that idea in mind.

We build our iOS apps using Xcode, Swift, and Objective-C. No third-party platforms sit between iOS and the code we write, which means we are always ready to adopt the latest technologies from Apple.

Like iOS, we write our Android apps natively, in Java. Our designers follow Material Design guidelines, and we’ll get your app in Google Play painlessly.